SR Railway Ticket Norbiton -Raynes Park 1944

SR Railway Ticket Norbiton -Raynes Park 1944

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Condition as per photos  All money received from Ticket Sales will be ploughed back into purchasing fresh items to put on Display in the Museum (Non Profit making – in fact Loss Making, with Free Entry – Closed at Present due to the Pandemic).I am not a dealer, but a keen collector (of over 50 years) of all tickets from the Railways of Great Britain pre-1965, but particularly the following categories : 


S&DJR Line M&GNJR lineN&S Jt LineBath Green Park Bristol ex MR LineBristol areaNorfolk/Suffolk areaHalts & PlatformsCar Park TicketsDittoes (such as Evercreech New Evercreech Junction etc)Unusual types (such as Curler, Cinema, stranded mariner, Passenger by Goods train etc)3 digit consecutives (such as 22, 333 etc but not 022, 0333 etcAny Issued zerosInserts/Adverts on the backStation Suffixes [such as St.Albans (GN) etc]tickets with audit codes on top linetickets from the smaller pre-1923 companies.MY PREFERENCE IS FOR ISSUED/DATED TICKETS.COLLECTIONS/ACCUMULATIONS BOUGHT.

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Category: Collectables:Transportation Collectables:Railwayana:Tickets:British Rail (1948-1997)
Location: Norwich