Original Slide – Conrail CR 877981 Covered Hopper Car November 1977

If you buy after clicking affiliate links on this site we might receive a commission from companies such as eBay, Amazon etc This does not affect the price you pay.
Original Slide - Conrail CR 877981 Covered Hopper Car November 1977

If you buy after clicking affiliate links on this site we might receive a commission from companies such as eBay, Amazon etc This does not affect the price you pay.
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Original Kodachrome Slide

SLIDE INFORMATIONUp for bid is a single, original 35mm Kodachrome  slide.  Each image is shown below using a low-resolution scan that does not reflect true quality of the slide.  All slides are well-exposed and the sharpness can be determined from the scan.  Also, if the slides have any scratches, they can be seen in the scans as well.  The other specs/lines are small dust particles or lint.  Please feel free to email with any specific questions.  Also, I am sorry, but I do not sell prints or scans (of any resolution) of the slides.NOTE REGARDING COPYRIGHT/ IMAGE USE:  Any slides taken by myself and/or by Frank Novak are released to you to do as you wish.  The only condition is to give proper credit to the photographer.    For slides taken by other photographers, use the following guideline:”As pertains to images / slides taken by any other photographer and offered for sale by Seller, Seller makes no representation as to the copyright status of the image / slide sold or otherwise transferred to Buyer, but it is noted that a copyright may exist solely by operation of law and that therefore Buyer is advised to contact the named photographer of the image prior to copying or re-copying or making other use of said image / slide.”  – (A thanks goes to seller PDXRR for him allowing use of this statement for my auction description).I have purchased slides from a number of photographers and sources and have, in many cases, obtained permission to use the images for publication/etc.  In those cases, a high-res scan will be retained.  I am reserving the right to publish, print, sell duplicates, and/or scans of these images.  Some of the slides being sold have been scanned by magazines and held for use for future publication.  I place no restrictions on what you do with the slide once you purchase it, other than to give the original photographer credit (industry standard), following the guidelines listed above.  I will not answer any other questions regarding copyrights. I spent the time and money to consult with a copyright attorney and these statements are based on the advice of that meeting.
SHIPPING INFORMATION Shipping is now FREE for US addresses (First-class mail ONLY)!  Priority and Express Mail are available for the fee listed.  I will also ship to foreign countries for $1.50 for standard shipping in an envelope.
For orders under $50, slides are sent in an envelope with trifold cardstock and the slide is protected in either a coin envelope or clear plastic sleeves.  For orders over $50, slides are sent in padded envelopes between cardboard.   IMPORTANT!  If you want your slide packed any other way, please choose “Priority Mail” or “Express Mail” for shipping….if not…your order is going to be sent as described above.  If you would like tracking on your package, I can do so for $3.00 for items mailed to US addresses.  As indicated above, most slides are sent out in a standard envelope, and I cannot put tracking on those.  The $3.00 will cover the cost of a stay-flat envelope and tracking label that will have to be used in place of the standard shipping method.
***********EFFECTIVE 2-14-16*********** – It has recently come to my attention that orders are taking long periods of time to reach their destinations.   I spoke with our local Postmaster who indicated this has been happening due to them recently closing 275 sorting centers.  This has resulted in extreme delays as I have had orders take 2-3 weeks to get to the customer.  Please take this information into consideration if your item has not shown up.  Due to this, refunds will only be issued if the item has not arrived within 30 days of shipping.  I do offer the tracking option for $3.00 and suggest you take advantage of that.  Please request an invoice if you’d like tracking on an order under $50 in value.  Once I drop a letter in the mail, I do not have any control over how long it takes.  I have mixed up orders in the past or have also missed sending orders here and there, and in those cases I will take full responsibility and rectify the situation.  My only other option is to raise prices and ship all items with tracking.  I am trying to avoid that, but if the rash of delays/etc continues, I will have no choice.  Thank you!
PAYMENT INFORMATIONPayments must be made by Paypal as per Ebay rules.  Please make payment within 10 days of the auction close.  If you need additional time to pay, please contact me.  If I don’t receive payment or communication by the 11th day, I will file a non-paid dispute as a reminder.   I am easy to work with, but you have to communicate.   Items will be shipped within 5 BUSINESS days of payment (I usually try to ship by Thursday). 
NOTE:  Payments have been a major issue lately.  Items MUST be paid for within 10 days, unless we have agreed to other arrangements.  I will work with you if you are temporarily short of funds, however, this is not for each and every time item/s are purchased.  I will not break up invoices into smaller dollar amounts/etc.  That costs additional money to process via Paypal.  Under no circumstances will I allow any invoice to go longer than 21 days.   I have had numerous occasions where buyers are purchasing items and then never paying for them.  Please only bid you plan to follow through with the sale.  I appreciate everyone’s business and I will work with you, but please do not take advantage of that. 
 SALES TAX – OHIO RESIDENTSOhio residents must add 6.75% sales tax.FEEDBACKI leave feeback after the auctions, but it may take a while.  The first priority is to ship your items in a timely manner.  I get to feedback as time allows and I definitely will leave it for each transaction, but please be patient.  Please do not send email after email asking for feedback to be left, as those will go to last on the list.  Thanks for looking and happy bidding! Check out my other railroad slide and print auctions!

PLEASE NOTE: first-out scan and pattern overlay are NOT on the original slide. This overlay is to protect the buyer and original photographer from those who attempt to download the images.

If you buy after clicking affiliate links on this site we might receive a commission from companies such as eBay, Amazon etc This does not affect the price you pay.
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