ZIMBABWE RHODESIA RAILWAYS Durrant 6×6 567109 ex-RR 19th 4-8-2 Wankie Coal Co #6

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ZIMBABWE RHODESIA RAILWAYS Durrant 6x6 567109 ex-RR 19th 4-8-2 Wankie Coal Co #6

If you buy after clicking affiliate links on this site we might receive a commission from companies such as eBay, Amazon etc This does not affect the price you pay.
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Original Colour Transparency – RR Rhodesia / NRZ Zimbabwe RailwaysWankie Coal Company 4-8-2 No. 6 hauls a string of coal wagons through the colliery complex at Hwange in 1986. One of three Rhodesia Railways 19th class locomotives that had been purchased in 1980, ex-RR No. 325 had been overhauled by ZECO in 1981/2, when the superheater elements had been removed, so that it would operate in saturated steam mode. Generally based on the final NBL series of the South African Railways 19D type, the twenty RR 19th class locos – supplied by Henschel & Sohn in 1951/2 – had only been usefully employed on the South Line (Bulawayo to Mafeking) and the entire class was put aside during 1973 for want of other work. [WCC No. 6 had been built under Henschel works number 27395/1952.]  [567109]2″ square (6x6cm) medium format positive film transparency – surplus to our A.E. “Dusty” Durrant Collection.More “AED COLOUR” images will be made available throughout 2018.SOLD WITH COPYRIGHTPlease note this is not a mounted “slide” (Dia). It is an unmounted colour transparency, processed by a professional colour lab to the highest standards demanded by publishers, offering significantly better results than 35mm slide media. Any watermarks (not on original) will have been applied to protect the purchaser.————– ooOoo ————–Scanning has been done simply to provide an acceptable representation of the material on offer. It has not been possible to check for all surface dust and small scratches but any serious faults and blemishes should have been observed and a suitable comment made if the subject matter was deemed to be worth offering. Colours are generally better than the scan and the focus will be sharp. In the case of genuine oversight, we will be prepared to reimburse purchasers (or offer a suitable replacement).In 1949, whilst still a Premium Apprentice at Swindon Locomotive Works, Dusty Durrant began what he would later describe as his “World Bash” – 50 years of railway related occupation and travel through more than 50 countries. In 1967, he visited South Africa for the first time and was so impressed with what he saw that he later returned to take up employment as an engineering draughtsman with the Union Carriage & Wagon Company at Nigel (Transvaal) – to the East of Johannesburg. This company had been set up by the Commonwealth Engineering Group (of Australia) as leader of a joint venture for the local assembly of new rolling stock – electric locomotives, multiple units and mainline coaches required for SAR’s major modernization programmes. He was thus in a position to indulge his passion for steam in a country soon to be recognized as the principal tourist destination for overseas railway enthusiasts. His photographic output was legend and soon became more widely known with the publication of such books as “Steam on the Veld”, “Garratt Locomotives of the World”, “Twilight of South African Steam”, “The Smoke that Thunders” (Rhodesia / Zimbabwe) and several locomotive treatises.  We are delighted to be able to offer a selection from this remarkable collection. Don’t miss the opportunity to obtain these gems; warts and all, each is a unique example of the work of a world-renowned railway photographer – and a genuine collectors’ item!PLEASE NOTE : Some items may have faults due to processing errors (for example, a chemical “blot” on the emulsion side causing uneven light diffusion), light intrusion from camera faults – or even physical damage. When the subject matter dictates that these should be preserved for their historic content, they may be offered “with all faults” at reduced starting price – and marked [waf]. In such cases, the image presented may have had a few minutes work done on it to illustrate what could be achieved with more TLC but are offered “as is” – at buyer’s risk and as an opportunity. However, these [waf] items may be returned (in original condition) for a full refund if, upon receipt, they are considered unacceptable by the purchaser.All purchases will be sent using your preference of Royal Mail domestic or Airmail services, protected in sleeves within a board-backed manilla envelope – or a padded bag – as appropriate. Since there will be a steady flow of material on offer, it is suggested that you consider consolidating successful purchases. Successful purchases can be put aside for weekly/monthly billing and combined shipment.  Additional original images are occasionally to be found through our eBay Shop at a fixed price – obviously on a “First Come – First Served” basis. Unsold auction items will also be included – at a reduced price – and we have discovered some “lucky dip” material that will be worth delving into to rescue overlooked treasures! Visit our eBay Shop regularly to find more quality material.From a large collection of fine transport material accumulated over many years that now needs to be reduced, due to space limitations. Other material will continue to be added to the Prorail UK shop on a regular basis, specially selected to enhance your collection.Look out for other selections of books, magazines, photographic images (negatives & transparencies) and prints, postcards, tickets, timetables – and general railwayana, from this extensive source.Further details can be obtained from the PRORAIL UK websiteWithin the UK, payments may be made by personal cheque or postal order – or by PayPal.International bidders are always welcome, when small items will be sent by an appropriate method.PAYPAL is the preferred payment method for international bidders. HOWEVER, due to recent experience of “chargebacks”, it has been decided that the default option for overseas postage must now cover full “tracking” – such as Royal Mail’s “International Signed For” or “Airsure” services. Bidders known to us who use PayPal will be able to continue using standard services but MUST AGREE TO ACCEPT ALL RISKS involved. Other payment methods are still available within the Euro area and all existing arrangements will be honoured.Postage & Packing is not just the price of a stamp. Postcards, tickets and negatives need care in wrapping and despatch, so it is not sensible to “economize” in that area. Such items are sent in cardboard envelopes, carefully inserted and properly sealed; bulkier items may require bubble packaging. Even though we are now offering inclusive pricing – covering free or subsidized postage, no relaxation of our established standards will be allowed. To contain steadily rising costs, we will now be listing items for UK (domestic) delivery at a starting price inclusive of 2nd class postage. At our discretion, should the selling price permit – or where multiple purchases can be despatched at the same time – 1st class postage may be used. International purchasers will not be affected by these changes; the rates quoted for airmail to external destinations being based on the actual cost of postage less the inclusive UK rate (but uplifted to cover eBay charges levied on the p+p amount).    For RAILWAYANA information – visit the PRORAIL UK website

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